An overview of the various sources of water and respective water quality characteristics. Outline potential sources of water contamination and identify solutions for dealing with water pollution.

Contact Hours Earned: 11 Hours

Total Price: $110.00

The courses in this package cover a wide range of distribution topics including distribution systems, pumps and motors, and various valves and meter types used in the field.  This course package will prepare you with a better understanding of the distribution system used to deliver drinking water to the public.

Total Price: $130.00

The Advanced Water Treatment course package provides more detail and information about state and federal regulations in addition to a few niche type water altering processes such as fluoridation.  This course package is designed for those interested in obtaining the knowledge required of a journeyman level operator.

Contact Hours Earned: 13 

Total Price: $130.00

Detailed look at the foundation of all drinking water regulations. Learn the purpose, procedures and importance of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Disinfection Byproducts, and the Surface Water Treatment Rule. Great course for all levels of operators.

Contact Hours Earned: 6

Total Price: $60.00

This course will demonstrate how to solve math problems similar to those on the state certification exams.  Ideal for those looking to get into the industry or for people looking to brush up on their skills prior to taking a journey level state exam.  Topics include unit conversion, areas, volumes, pressures, detention time, velocities, wire to water, jar testing and more.

Contact Hours Earned: 6 Hours

Total Price: $60.00